The Guberif

The Guberif (firebug spelled backwards) made his first appearance in Idaho back in 1945. Since then, he has started careless fires due to his care-free nature. He enjoys the outdoors, but he hasn't spent enough time with Smokey Bear to be educated on wildfires. You name the cause of a wildfire, and he is the culprit. He tosses his cigarettes on the ground, he lets his fires get out of control, he uses illegal fireworks--and those are just a few of his bad habits.

As part of the Keep Idaho Green campaign, Idaho Department of Lands painted "Don't You Be A Guberif" on highways and at rest stops and State Park parking lots. The Guberif also appeared in the media and on educational materials. He was very popular due to his name alone, but he was also very effective at bringing attention to the fire dangers that are present in Idaho.

Where is he now?

The Guberif hasn’t been used in recent years, but due to popular demand and the continuing threat of wildfire, we are bringing the Guberif back to help educate Idahoans  on wildfire.  We teamed up with Savy Marketing in Coeur d’Alene to create a more modern and polished look for the Guberif. 

You will be able to catch a glimpse of the new Guberif throughout the State starting May 2nd.  The Guberif will be used to kick of Wildfire Awareness Month.  He will appear on billboards and on posters that will be hung at fire and land management offices.  In addition, the Coeur d'Alene Helitack Crew painted “Don’t Be A Guberif” at the Huetter Rest Area and Idaho Welcome Center on May 5th.

Let us know if you spot the Guberif in Idaho--Just visit our blog and leave a comment!