The prevention messages of Smokey Bear have changed and evolved into a new refrain: Fire in the Wildland/Urban Interface! Today, as more people build in the forests and rangelands of Idaho, they become part of the ever-increasing landscape where the urban environment meets the wild.

Firewise What's in it for you?

  • Become part of a growing statewide “firewise” culture.
  • Understand the role that fire plays in Idaho’s wildlands.
  • Become a nationally recognized Firewise Community.
  • Gain access to fire education resources and materials.

And while the prevention messages of old still hold true today, each time fire educators engage with individuals or communities, we decrease the challenges and costs of managing fires across Idaho.

Being a resident of the wildland/urban interface has benefits as well as risks. Those that choose to live in or near a wildland environment have a higher associated risk and personal responsibility for the safety of their families as well as their property, pets, and livestock. Understanding the wildland environment you are a part of is a large part of being firewise. Let Idaho Firewise help you become part of a growing firewise culture!